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Our fees are 10%-30% lower than comparable and reputable billers



On average, we help our clients  Save $2480.00 a year!  

Our services includes:


 ✔ Verifying Benefits within 24-48hours


Checking for errors and sending your claims


Claims submitted within 24-48 hours


Following up on paid and unpaid claims


Providing you a monthly report of what's paid and what's NOT paid


Pre-certifications for many insurances are included


Filing appeals for claims that are suppose to pay


We work with auto accident cases and worker's compensation

claims (please speak to us, this is state dependent)


Helping you with aging claims (charged per hr)


 Helping you get credentialed with various insurance companies (small fee) 


 At your request, a billing manager can call you at the end of every month to go over outstanding balances with you. 

Acupbilling has provided billing services for us for over 2 years. RHA started with just one provider, and is now a group of providers with the support of Acupbilling's professional, knowledgeable and friendly team. They are timely, responsive, and go above and beyond to educate practitioners to maximize our efforts and support us through challenging times. We could not do it without their team.

Kristy Hanley, L.Ac Founder of Resilient Health Acupuncture 

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