UPDATED Sept 2020

From the desk of Stacey Ma


Dear Friends,


As the co-founder of AcupBilling LLC and worked beside several acupuncturists, I know what it's like first-hand to have with insurance billing issues. It is SO ESSENATIAL to have all your ducks in a row when it comes to insurance billing; because this is where majority of your cash flow comes from- for many practitioners! Hence; it is essential to hire someone trustworthy, reliable, efficient, and knows what they're doing.


I first co-founded AcupBilling when I witnessed my mother having problems in her office dealing with insurance rejections. English was her second language and she had a practice to run, patients to see, a husband to feed, and 3 kids to raise! Forget about getting on the phone with the insurance to verify benefits and solving problems, she barely had time to eat lunch. I tried to help with her billings here and there; back then we had to hand write everything and fill out that awful long HCFA1500 form by hand. My neighbor who is also an acupuncturist started asking to help with her claims as well, and that's when I realize that I could help many other Acupuncturists.


Fast forward 11 years later, AcupBilling has grown to have many employees and have helped hundreds of practitioners with all sorts of billing problems. We have clients all over the United States. Over the years, through extensive experience and customer feedbacks, I've come to know exactly what Acupuncture practitioners want: Reliability, Speediness, Trustworthiness and Reachability. 

AcupBilling LLC delivers all 4 of these essential traits and more. Come try our service out yourself, customer satisfaction is our priority. 


Our team looks forward to be serving your billing needs.



Stacey Ma

Founder of AcupBilling LLC

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Meet few of our billing team members

Everyone here are easy and awesome to work with !


William C.

Nice to meet you all! I'm here to solve any difficult general issues your office is experiencing. You will also have the onboarding call with me. Should you have any issues, please feel free to contact me anytime. 

Billing Manager

Shelly Z.

I have been with AcupBilling since the beginning for over 10 years. I make sure our billing team provide excellent services to you on a daily basis. 

Benefit Manager


I am very efficient at verifying benefits and making sure the team checks your benefit in 24-48 hours. I truly love working with AcupBilling. 

Aging Specialist A/R

Jennifer W. 

I have been doing aging and A/R work for many years before coming to AcupBilling; I've been with this team for 3 years and I love it. When something denies multiple time, I am here to hound it down and make sure they all pay. 

Long term happy client

Jennifer S, M.Ac, L.Ac

"AcupBilling is great to work with. I've been with them for 8 years. We shopped around and haven't found a better one!" 

"AcupBilling has been professional and friendly since the beginning. Whenever I needed something, I'd get my problems solved."

Anne C. M.Ac, L.Ac

9 years client

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Our services includes:


✔ Verifying Benefits within 24-48hours


✔ Checking for errors and sending your claims


✔ Claims submitted within 24-48 hours


✔ Following up on paid and unpaid claims


✔ Providing you a monthly report of what's paid and what's NOT paid


✔ Precertifications for many insurances are included


✔ Filing appeals for claims that are suppose to pay


✔ We work with auto accident cases and worker's compensation

claims (please speak to us, this is state dependent)


✔ Helping you with aging claims (charged per hr)


✔ Helping you get credentialed with various insurance companies (small fee) 


At your request, a billing manager can call you at the end of every month to go over outstanding balances with you. 


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